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Bird Strike

Committee U.S.A.

Bird Strike Committee USA (BSC USA) was founded in 1991 as a forum to facilitate the exchange of information and to promote:

  • The collection and analysis of accurate wildlife strike data
  • The development of new technologies for reducing wildlife hazards
  • Professionalism in wildlife management programs on airports through training and the advocacy of high standards of conduct for airport biologists and wildlife management staff

BSC USA serves as the national expert body and liaison to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), national/international Bird Strike Committees, and to other professional aviation and wildlife organizations.

BSC USA is a volunteer organization directed by a Steering Committee composed of members from representative organizations including the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, the private sector, aviation industry/airlines and airports.

Ethics Statement

Steering Committee Members & General Members of the Bird Strike Committee USA (BSC USA) must maintain the highest level of ethical conduct and professional service in pursuit of the committee’s mission to increase knowledge and promote awareness about wildlife hazards. It is a member’s obligation to conduct his/her practices in a way that will be of benefit to the committee’s mission and the public good. BSC USA puts forth these values to give those who may be influenced by this committee a basis for confidence that committee members will provide services in accordance with professional standards of competency, objectivity, and integrity. We will always conduct business honestly and honorably, and we expect our general members and visitors to do the same.

Participants in the activities of the BSC USA, whether or not they are members of the steering committee, should engage in an environment free from all forms of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.


Bird Strike Committee USA (BSC USA) is dedicated to providing leadership in managing wildlife hazards to aviation.


Since 1991, BSC USA has served as the national expert body and liaison to the FAA, national/international Bird Strike Committees, and to other professional aviation and wildlife organizations on aviation wildlife hazards.

Our primary objective is to facilitate the exchange of information about the management of wildlife hazards and risk to aviation safety. For more about our mission and objectives, see our bylaws.

Outreach And Education

Annual Conference.

Bird Strike Committee USA has presented or participated in an international conferences since 1999 that include key note speakers, panel discussions, presentations, and an annual photo and poster contest. Every third year, BSC USA participates with Bird Strike Committee Canada to present a North American Bird Strike Conference in Canada.

Stike Zone Webinar Series.

BSC USA initiated a webinar series in 2020 to promote outreach in
the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Websites are held at least quarterly and announced in advance through member e-mail blasts and notifications on our Facebook page. Webinars are recorded to serve as an ongoing resource to members.

Newsletters and Social Media.

BSC USA regularly reaches out to its members through a variety of formal and informal communication channels:

The Bird Strike Buzz

a semi-annual newsletter emailed to membership. The Buzz includes updates from the Chair and steering committees, feature articles, and ongoing content such as “The Latest from the Lab,” which provides updates from the Smithsonian Feather ID Lab, and “Tech Tips” for wildlife managers.


The Bird Strike Committee USA’s community organization page includes post from committee memberships and messages alike. Join, “like” us, and stay tuned for announcements at:

Email blasts

BSC USA routinely sends e-blasts to members on emerging topics or to announce events. Got questions? Contact us at:


BSC provides quick, ready to use background information for reporters and others interested in learning more about aviation and wildlife strikes by presenting and citing recent publications, data and historical background.


BSC USA includes representatives from the FAA, U.S. Department of Agriculture – Wildlife Services, U.S. Department of Defense, airports, airlines, and public and private organizations worldwide involved in aviation wildlife hazard management.
Membership to BSC USA is free of charge.

Bird Strike Committee USA